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Can mentally retarded people be taught using the Montessori method?

If they can be taught, does that mean that other special needs people can also be taught using the Montessori method? People have told me that the Montessori method is only used on people without special needs.

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Montessori did her original work on children who had the label of “defective” in her day. No one knows for sure, but today it is generally agreed upon that these children would be called “learning disabled” or “special needs” today. She then went into the slums of Italy and worked with what today we would call “low income, at risk children.

There are so many misconceptions about Montessori education. One was stated by the poster nean. Yes the Montessori Method works very well with children who are naturally self motivated and can pace themselves, yet it for children who are not, it can teach them to be. I can’t tell you how many times I have had someone say, “Oh, but most children can’t make good choices on their own.” True, but it can be taught and it is in a true Montessori environment.

As far mentally retarded children go. Well it depends on the degree and type of retardation. No, a severely retarded child will not become a Ph.D. candidate, but a child with moderate retardation will generally do better because the teacher will be able to work with him in a learning style that will follow his needs. I am a Montessori Teacher in a poor school district and many traditional teachers with special needs children come to me to set up lessons for their students who aren’t learning in any of the traditional ways.


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Montessori did her original work with retarded kids in the slums of Italy. I love pointing that out to pushy parents who are so proud their kids go to Montessori schools. Some disabled kids would do very well in such a program and it is more appropriate for them than for kids who don;t need that enforced structure.

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many approaches can be applied to children who are mentally retarded. but so far research shows that the best method is the concept of incidental teaching. which means teaching through daily situations, contexts and applications – which helps mentally challenged people to transfers and generalise the skills to the real world. generalizing skills is the most prominent difficulty for this special needs.

montessori might not be the best method for them cos of their limited cognitive and social understanding.


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Maria Montessori most certainly did teach mentally challenged as well as other orphans. Her methods work because they are basd on real life situations. yahoo or google her and read up!

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it would be exciting to have a communicate with Leslie approximately why she thinks any toddler won’t be able to proceed at their own p.c.., artwork with supplies, or artwork on initiatives whilst they attain first grade, yet that’s a distinctive communicate all mutually. there’s a false impression by using many that the Montessori approach is designed particularly for mentally retarded toddlers. that’s as a results of fact whilst Montessori first began coaching, she did so in an asylum for those with severe disabilities, alongside with many that have been mentally retarded. utilising many of the suggestions, supplies, and suggestions nevertheless used right this moment, she did coach them particularly lots and that they controlled to surpass the “customary” pupils of their lecturers. nevertheless, Montessori works surprising for college pupils with discovering disabilities of all varieties: a million) The supplies grant concrete examples of what’s being discovered. 2) there is greater of a concentration of looking after oneself and our environment, which lots of those with psychological handicaps prefer. 3) there’s a understand that each and each toddler is springing up in any different case and our environment would desire to fulfill those needs. 4) there is often so lots greater understand of different pupils in a Montessori lecture room, alongside with people who’ve particular academic needs. From my own journey, I had 3 classmates in my Montessori college who had Downs Syndrome. I incredibly remembering that they have been basically component to the lecture room community. They have been invited to my birthday events, we performed each and all of the time on the playground, and we’ve been large pals. it could have been VERY unusual to think of of them any in any different case as a results of fact’s how we seen them….as contributors of our lecture room, basically like all and sundry else. We knew they have been distinctive and theory in any different case, we knew that they had Downs Syndrome, yet we did no longer think of of them as inferior or much less clever than us in any way. How lots greater ideal are you able to get than that? by using ways, you published this question many situations in many places. Be arranged to study an identical reaction particularly lots.

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No, I don’t believe they can. In the Montessori method of teaching everything depends on the child being able to pace himself, spot his own mistakes, work at his own pace, learn concepts on his own. And the proper name is mentally challenged. The mentally challenged cannot progress in cognitive, social and/or emotional development. Your concept is just too advanced. But this was a good question.

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First off, no one uses the term mentally retarded any more.
Kids with developmental disabilities can learn anything. It just might take them a little longer.