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Attn: college students or grads?

I’m looking to become a social worker and wanted to know a few things like:

1) what degree would I pursue

2) how long did it take you to finish

3) Is it a pretty easy degree to get for someone who isn’t so book smart

4) Are you happy with it

5) what areas could I go with this degree

6) How much did college cost you

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1) to be a social worker — the best bet would be social work or human services. Professional level (as opposed to entry level) in social work will require a master’s in either social work or counseling.

2) I’ve been going to college for almost 30 years and I’m not done yet. There’s always something else I want to learn. A BSW will take 4-5 years. An MSW after that would be another 2.

3) No! degrees aren’t easy and that’s why people who have one usually get paid more than those who don’t. You go to class to become more “book smart” so that should take care of itself.

4) Couldn’t be happier. I’ve made my brain a pretty cool place to spend time in.

5) With a degree in social work – you can become a social worker. You’d provide services to clients who need assistance adapting to the world around them.

6) I have over $100,000 invested in my education so far. Money well spent.


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You should be able to get a regular 4-year bachelor degree in social work at the average college cost of about $20,000 per year or more.

No degrees are easy unless you love what you’re doing. I am not a social worker.

Social workers need to love helping people. Any and every social service agency employs social workers. You can also go into private practice counseling. You can work for hospitals, rehab institutes, charitable organizations, schools, children and family service organizations, some law and government agencies.

Social workers work very hard and have to be very patient in order to see progress or results in the people they serve. You really have to care about people, because that is where your rewards will be. A lot of time you have to give “tough love” and the people you care about will let you down many times, but you have to keep plugging on. It’s hard work. It’s beautiful if you’ve got what it takes.


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