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Activities on feeling handicapped?

i am doing a presentation on Down Syndrome and was looking for an activity that helps normal developped people how people with DS work. Does anybody have an idea or did something like that already?

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The most important thing, and it is something that I stress to everyone that wants know more on physically or mentally handicapped individuals, is that they all want to be treated like “normal” human beings. Down Syndrome individuals (especially if they are high functioning) want nothing more than to have independence and freedom.

Down Syndrome individuals may need self contained or resource classrooms growing up because they may learn at a slower pace. I worked at a place where they had job placement for adults with special needs and they really took pride in what they were learning and participating in.

You should go out to fast food restaurants and interview managers about hiring people with special needs. I had to do that before for one of my college classes and I learned a lot from it. It was for a presentation as well.