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will someone please help. what does this quote mean to u. i really really need and answer2day so please help.?

“I’m Jackie holt. These two photographs are of me. And that’s my mamma. She’s come to get me. I have to go to her right away because…” I swallow and my eyes brim with tears again… “Because that’s my daddy. He’s dead. But I’m alive. I have to tell mamma I’m alive.”

That’s all ill say. I won’t tell anyone where I’ve been, because it doesn’t matter to anyone, except me and Claudia. I look at the picture of Mamma and whisper, “Buck up. I’m coming.”

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Two interpretations spring to mind. Both assume a female speaker:

1) The speaker’s father is dead (or believed dead) and the speaker’s mother is ill, perhaps dying of grief. The speaker wishes to reunite with her mother to mend her mother’s broken heart.

2) Both parents are dead; the speaker feels her mother’s presence and is reassuring herself that, although the pain of grief can feel deadly, she is alive and alive in spite of tribulation. She will join her parents, but not yet.


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I think Cindy has the right thought on that right off I gave her a thumbs UP!!!

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