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Which former colonies are doing better?

Generally speaking, colonization created a whole lot of problems.

This is true for colonies occupied by France as well as those occupied by Britain (I am not talking about Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand, but about Colonies in Asia and Africa).

But which are doing better (since decolonization) in terms of economy, political stability, human rights, British or French former colonies?

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Some former colonies around the world are doing quite well.

Im thinking of Ghana, Belize, Botswana, Malaysia, Brunei, Swaziland. Things are so quiet there you rarely ever here about them in the international media. The french colonies seem to have fared the worst, especially those in South East Asia. Britain had its hits and misses, but on the whole has more successes than France did with many former colonies becoming members of the Commonwealth of Nations (successor to the British Commonwealth).