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Whats college like?

Im a senior in high school, and im curious to what college is like. Are you mostly on your own then? What are classes like? Is it hard to sleep in a dorm? Tell me what it is like to be on/belong to a university. Thank you!

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College is awesome. You are on your own, which seems scary but is really cool. You learn to make decisions for yourself and, even if it was a poor decision, you are the only one who will be disappointed. Classes are different depending on which school and the size. I go to a medium sized university and so classes can range from hundreds to very small (like 10). You don’t have to go to lecture if you don’t want to. You’re very much responsible for your own grade. Dorms can be hard to sleep in if you’re a light sleeper because, even with quiet hours, there are people who refuse to shut up. But you get used to it. College is different for everyone but it is a lot of fun!!

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College is a blast! Hard however good valued at it! There are many categories, probably you’re taking 12 or extra credit to be complete time, one magnificence might be a million-four credit. The more difficult the category the extra the credit. There is needed categories for each and every measure, that usually makes up your time table, you simply have got to make a decision while and in what order you desire to take the ones categories. There are electives which can be required, and the ones are a laugh, categories that you’ll select, however so much systems do not require you have got many electives. Theses… I have under no circumstances needed to do one. Usually ninety-one hundred A, eighty-ninety B, 70-eighty C and so forth. Of path each and every instructor is a bit of exceptional however that’s simply the ordinary. The main topics rely at the measure you’re operating toward. I am in Health and kinesiology and my main area is Biology. There are many many extracurricular hobbies at Universities, golf equipment,physical games, parties and so forth… Cutting magnificence- relying at the dimension of your magnificence- if you’re in a auditorium with 1000’s of pupils, no person will discover out, however you consistently fail to notice fundamental stuff, so its now not a well inspiration. If you’re in a smaller magnificence, probably the instructor can have a rule approximately what number of days you’ll pass, they probably permit for two. professors or pupil academics. No bell, you have got a collection time you get out and that’s the time you go away, typically your instructor wont even maintain you the gap time. Most of my 3 hour categories, my academics allow us to out an hour or so early. Classes can variety wherever from 15- 1000’s at a University. Most academics in a smaller magnificence will present a few kind of further credit score. I am now not the neatest individual on the planet, I have consistently viewed myself ordinary, and might be a bit of above ordinary in specific topics and I probably finish the semester with a four.zero… so sure, its very viable.

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I was in the position and now I’m a freshman and i love it. it’s so much fun and everyone around you feels the same way and it’s just a great experience.

yeah you are mostly on your own if you like, but you could be sociable, meaning that if you talk to people they will talk to you too.

the size of the college depends on the size of the classes, i go to a big university and some of my classes are 400 plus people, but you are offered tutoring and there is mandatory discussions, but overall they are a great experience.

its not hard to sleep in a dorm. its a great experience just to be there. your roomies are mostly good, because in a way you choose them. when you are signing up for housing you put what kind of roommates you could tolerate, if you want mind them smoking or drinking. but mostly they will leave you alone unless you want them to talk to you. which i recommend.

try going to orientation for the college of your choice it will help a lot. its great and such a great experience.

good luck


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No one can prepare you for college. It’s something you have to experience. You are definitely on your own. But so is everyone else… You’ll meet the greatest people you’ve ever met in your life. You’ll feel lost and afraid, but so does everyone else. In highschool, you think you know who you are. But in college, you find out who you are. It’s amazing. As for the classes, they’re easy. The hard part is making yourself study. The dorms aren’t so bad. Sure you might hate your roomies, but that’s just part of it. When it’s all said and done, even the things you hated most, you’ll miss. You’ll laugh about everything later. College is something you’ll never forget, and you’ll never regret.

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make sure you ask about a question a week in all your classes, not more or less, just one a week. and make some good friends, so be open. its hard, it hurts, but in the end it is worth it

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Before you enroll to any college and/or university take a tour around the campus to see how well run the place is.

If the professors are rude, as_holes who have no patience, consideration, not interested in paying attention to an students, and hates their job, not to mention drinking alcohol on the job, and has VERY, VERY,VILE bad temper who screams at the top of his/her lungs then DON’T ENROLL THERE! You won’t get any acadamics accomplished if the college environment is harsh. You want to go to a college with professors that are considerate, who love there jobs, and interested having every student pay attention to him/her.

As soon as you enroll, you will be given a list of every single college book, and item you’ll need, buy every single one of those items right away! Go to the college store and BUY EVERY COLLEGE BOOK AND ITEM YOU NEED FOR SEMESTER 1 OF THE COURSE YOU’RE TAKING IS BRAND-NEW! DON’T BUY USED! Every year college books get updated!

If you buy used college books, and used items then you will fail your course! Used college books are useless if there’s current editions published. Also NEVER buy any computer kits and computer course discs USED! Once a person uses a computer kit, and computer course discs they are GARBAGE! Why? because at the end of semester 1 there’s always final exams, the huge, important test that you need to excel in to pass. So obviously the computer can not be used again since you are typing in your answers.

Stock up on lined paper, lots of it! Buy thick 2 inch binders that at the end, because you don’t anything important to fall out! Also, fill your 2 inch binders with lots of lined paper.

Buy plain white paper, thin, paper binders for college projects. Stock up on lots of blue and black pens, buy a 3 hole puncher, reinforcers to seal broken paper holes to keep work in binders in perfect place.


Sit in the front row of your class so that you see the profeesor and LISTEN TO EVERY WORD THE PROFESSOR SAYS BECAUSE YOU WON’T BE ABLE DO YOUR WORK IF YOU CAN’T HEAR ANYTHING.

Don’t talk to anybody during class. If that annoying person is persistent then yell at that person to SHUT UP! in front of the whole class and the professor.

When the professor gives you something, take it, place it in your college bag and don’t loose it becaus you won’t get another! Don’t lend anything to anyone, especially college books, computer items for your course, college projects, college notes, and anything the professor gave you because you won’t get it back! If people are inconsiderate enough to forget theirs, then they will do the something to you!

Do all your college work at college, take home everything you need, such as college books, college items, college notes, and college homework and finish all your college homework, and college projects right away! After you finished all your college work, double check to see if you made any mistakes.

If any mistakes were made, correct them right away.

After you completed your college homework, college projects, and double check to see if any mistakes were made and corrected them if there were any, study, study, study your books, work, and notes.

After you completed your studies from your books, work, and notes, put them in your college bag otherwise if you leave it all around the place you will forget something.

Make your own lunch such as a toasted blueberrry bagel with light cream cheese, a banana, granola bar, fruit juice box, and 2 bottles of spring water, and then place it the fridge to take in the morning (DON’T THE PEPSICO brand because their brand is filtered tap water)

Go to bed at 10:30 p.m. and wake up at 7:15 a.m.

Do your morning routine like brushing your teeth, etc.


Get your college bag, take your lunch from the fridge, place it in your college bag and leave your home at 8:00 a.m. to college. As soon you’re at your college, sit in front of your first class and study until your class begins.

Do the same thing for semester 2, 3, and 4.