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What EXACTLY do i need to get inducted into NHS (National Honor Society)?

I received a letter from school today saying that i met the academic requirements, i’m sure i’ve met the service requirements, and definitely the character, but as for leadership, i’m not sure where i stand. It says that it needs recognized leadership roles in the school and/or community since starting high school, and i’m not sure what exactly qualifies as a leadership position. Does that mean you have to be president/vp/treasure/sec of a club or anything along those lines or what? We have not received applications or have had any informational meetings, so i’m getting a bit antsy. If anyone could help me out, i’d appreciate it very much. Thank you.

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Ask your school principal or student council faculty advisor if the school subscribes to Leadership for Student Activities, which is a monthly magazine published by the National Honor Society. If you can look at a copy, you may get some insight as to how they define a “leadership role.” Even if your school doesn’t get this newsletter, an advisor or guidance counselor might be able to help you. Keep in mind there probably isn’t a bulleted list–it’s probably a subjective measure, and it will be up to you to describe something you did as a leader–if not in title (president of the student council), then as a role (coordinated volunteers for the car wash fundraiser). Good luck!

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