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what can I do with bio major with french and spanish minor?

I am a Biology major, double minor in French and Spanish. What are my career options?

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Work in a call center.

I mean, that’s what I do with my BS in Bio and a minor in Math.

It’s a sad economy we live in.

Wish I had gone into accounting.


5 years ago
I could say the Spanish and Biology are the important thing facets they could appear at however if you happen to plan to paintings close a french Canadian Provence or New Orleans subject French might support you. Both choices are nice however if you happen to must choose one take the primary and spend the additional time you could on finding out french and perform a little volunteer paintings or discover a task in a health facility/sanatorium.

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Teach Bio in SoCal?

Teach Bio in Quebec?

Speak Sprench to germs while trying to discover a cure for some disease under a microscope?

Nah, first answerer was right. A college degree is worthless these days.