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What are the meanings of?


to heal

bound of

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Beach Saint

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fluting: a sound reminiscent or a flute; a groove or set of grooves forming a surface decoration

to heal: cure, recover

bound of: An object of class Boundary represents either an upper or a lower bound of an interval over the set of extended rational numbers.

in case you have misspelled “heal,” here is:

to heel: close behind, under discipline or control


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pat z
Fluting is the rippled edge around something. For example, when you flute a pie crust, you make even indentations (like ^^^^^ all around the outer edge where the crust meets the pie tin).

To heal is to cure, to get better (as in the quote: “Physician, heal thyself.”).

I haven’t heard of “bound of”. Bound TO means attached (bound being the past tense of the verb “bind”. Example: They were bound to each other for life by the vows they just took.). It can also mean liable or likely to (as in: If he passes his driving test, he is bound to ask his parents for use of the family car).

Hope this helps!