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I am Sunshine

☼ wants to know…. Can you write a little story that includes these song titles?

1. She’s Not There

2. A Well Respected Man

3. From A Window

4. I Want To Hold your Hand

5. Laugh Laugh

6. Willow Weep For Me

BONUS PHRASE: A Cool Woman In A Black Dress

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EDIT: Were your additional comments for me Sunshine?

If so, the first line is part of my story and not a title.

Thanks for getting my creative juices flowing! : )

“(She’s not there).”

Trevor hung up his cellphone and looked across the restaurant table at Willow, his mistress.

Willow laughed..”Relax love, maybe she’s in the tub?”

Trevor scowled..”Sure Willow you go on and (laugh, laugh) all you want. But if we get caught, I lose everything to Beth..everything..No more limos for you to ride in..no more fully paid condominium. If I’m out on the street. So are you.

Willow stopped laughing. You’re (a well respected man), Trevor. No one would believe Beth if she accused you..”

“Of the affair of which I’m having?”

Willow smiled and reached her hand across the table. When he didn’t respond in kind, she tilted her head and winked..”Babe, (I want to hold your hand).”

Trevor subtly looked around..”Not here, someone will see”

“All they’ll see baby, is Mr. Trevor Meritt, Attorney to the Stars having a lunch with his client..(a cool woman in a black dress)..a mighty hot dress I might add… Besides..no ones even looking.”

Trevor slowly grinned and took her hand in his.

“You do look hot.” He started to pull Willow towards him for a kiss when (from a window) near their table he saw the reflection of his wife Beth who had just entered the restaurant.

His hand flew from Willow’s to his fork and he pretended to eat.

“What? What is it?” asked Willow.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw that Beth had spotted them and was coming their way.

“Oh..oh oh oh..(Willow…weep for me).” he whispered in fright..

“What? Why?” She turned and saw Beth just as she got to their table.

Trevor got to his feet..”B-Beth” he stammered, choking on his guilt.

And indeed, across the table…Willow began to weep.


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Well my name is Bill and I am a well respected man in my community and I have strong feelings for the girl down the road. I wait each day to see her arrive home from work, I watch from a window on the second floor of my home. Last week I finally got the courage to go to her home and ask her out on a date, I knocked on the door and her dad answered and said that she’s not there. I left a message for her to call me back. Two days later she called – I asked her for a dinner date and she agreed. When I picked her up – wow – a cool woman in a black dress – she was hot. We dined at a lovely restaurant, we chatted all evening and I told a few jokes – what a laugh laugh we had. I asked her to dance and as we made our way to the dance floor I said to her that I wanted to hold her hand. The DJ played a real cool song “willow weep for me” We had a great night out.

Hope you like my story lol


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Well, I went to call on this old tart around the corner and someone said to me as I walked up the path, ‘She’s Not There’. I looked around and saw A Well Respected Man. I said ‘hello’ and he replied, From A Window – dude, ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’.

Laugh, Laugh – I could have wet myself – he looked like A Cool Woman In A Black Dress.

Then it rained and the tree in the garden was soaking wet – and looked as though it was crying with laughter as well – So, I said to myself, ‘Willow Weep For Me.


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NCIS ♥ Addict
♥ “A Well Respected Man” stands looking “from a window.” As he gazes down to the street below for the first time in 5 years “she’s not there.” He see’s “a cool woman in a black dress” that reminds him of her. He remembers her sweet smile and her two claps which meant “laugh laugh”… good mood today and was a inside joke of sorts. He grabs his coat and walks along Main Ave to the graveyard where she now lays… as he reaches her grave he hears the first words she uttered to him clear as day “I want to hold your hand”. He gently touched the willow tree branches and said “Willow weep for me”… he kissed the gravestone & turned and walked away.

♥ Sorta a sad story… but its what I thought of when I saw these song titles.


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Ladybug II
He was once A WELL RESPECTED MAN but, for just one moment of folly and A COOL WOMAN IN A BLACK DRESS whose name he didn’t even remember,, he had lost it all. He had tried repeatedly to call her, tell her he was sorry, plead with her to let him come home. But SHE’S NOT THERE or she wasn’t answering the phone..

He walked by the stately house he once shared with her. The hedges needed trimming. How he had hated that chore! He now wished he could trim them again. He caught a glimpse of her looking out FROM A WINDOW but she was gone as fast as she had appeared. “Oh, baby, I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND again,” he thought to himself. “I want to LAUGH, LAUGH, and laugh some more with you.” H e leaned against a tree and looked up into it long graceful sweeping boroughs. “Who do you weep for, Weeping Willow?,” He asked. “WILLOW, WEEP FOR ME.”


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My pricey pal Avery, good, he and I… we had been top college sweethearts. He and I courted for 3 years…. yeah, matters received beautiful severe. But then at some point, I have no idea WHAT occurred… I known as a couple of instances and left him messages, prayed like Daniel prayed 3 instances an afternoon that he might name me, however he not ever back my cell calls. I dunno… possibly someplace… come what may… we had been drifting too some distance aside. I continuously concept that there used to be well chemistry among him and me, however might be I overlooked a clue… a inform-story signal that indicated that the glue among us used to be wasting its stronghold. Oh good. Maybe he concept that I used to be an excessive amount of of a daydreamer. But that is who I am, whether or not he can be given me or now not… I am a daydream believer…. I feel daydreams can and do come actual. I continuously desire that he’ll name… the daydream believer that I am. And in my brain, I surprise…. “Do I ever go your brain? Ever??” At night time, while the air continues to be and silence pervades by way of the night time, I cry constantly… such sorrow… such unhappiness… But no, do not ever permit the solar trap you crying, but when it will have to, the ones tears will sooner or later as soon as once more exhibit the glimmer in my eyes…. my eyes shining ever so brightly, twinkling like stars, as at the day I first laid eyes upon my pricey Avery.

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