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Q on UChicago?

I’m applying as a transfer ug in Psych. I have a good gpa and stellar recommendations, good xtracurric too but what bugs me is my SAT i wrote 2 years ago which is really AVERAGE for a top uni like UChicago and these guys want my SAT score………

Do I stand any chance with my avg SAT at the University of Chicago? Pls help its killing me!

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Holly M

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Last I heard SAT scores were a predictor of how you are supposed to do your first year in college. Nothing more. Since you already have that in your application, I doubt they will give the SAT much weight. In addition, transfer SAT scores are not reported as part of the US News and World report rankings, so it isn’t like you are going to bring down their average or something. If you don’t get in, I highly doubt it will be because of your SAT scores. It is just an extremely competitive environment with its own personality and they are looking for the right fit. Don’t take it personally if it doesn’t come through (I know, easier said than done) but you just have to believe me that things like this happen for a reason. It is not as random as it seems from the outside.

Good luck, there are plenty of excellent schools that would consider you a great transfer student.


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My maximum suitable wager is that it will come all the way down to how nicely you provided your case on your purposes. You do have each and all the priority-unfastened skills to be primary at any of those colleges. whether, there are various applicants with skills as stable as, or greater helpful than, yours who’re rejected consistent with annum. each and each college is finding for something specific which makes you stick out from the others. in the event that they discover it on your application, you would be primary; if no longer, they’ll take a bypass on you. If commonly merely comes all the way down to the way you phrased something in an essay or the way that a reference defined you.

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No one cares about the SAT, which DOES NOT measure how you will do in your first year–it doesn’t measure anything other than can you/do you have enough $$ to learn how to do well on it, after you are already in college. Your grades from the school you are currently in are the most important.