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just wondering

penn foster high school?

how easy was it to get into college after graduating from penn foster? what were some of the problems you encountered? what kind of school were you able to get into with a penn foster high school diploma?

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MY SCHOOL! 🙂 anyways I could get into Princeton now if I want so pretty much anything.

6 years ago
From Penn Foster to Princeton!

5 years ago
Penn Foster High School is regionally and nationally accredited. This means it looks good to both regionally and nationally accredited colleges. You should create a list of all the colleges you would want to go to, contact each college, and tell them you have a high school diploma from Penn Foster High School that’s regionally and nationally accredited and you want to enroll. Most likely you will have no trouble enrolling in any college.

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Penn Foster High School is also a college. You can take their college courses after you graduate from your high school course.