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i have quotes please help me?

hello i have ahomework sicne i dont speak english very well will you please help me explain these quotes

every jounery has an end

we must use time as a tool not as a couch

life is a journey not a destination

i wasted time and now time doth waste me

do not wait for ur ship to come in ,swime out to it

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ashley n

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every journey has an end = every thing you do will end at some time. relationships, school, life. nothing lasts forever.

we must you time as a tool not a couch= we cant sit around and hope for things to happen. we must use what time we have to do what we can and that quote was from JFK

life is a journey not a destination= that meas just what it says. do what you can in life because being alive is not all there is to living.

i waisted time and now time doth waste me= this is a quote from william shakespeare meaning= life goes by too fast to waist it because when you decide to make use of it there wont be much left.

do not wait for your ship to come in, swim out to it= dont wait for things to come to you because they might never come. you have to go after it. the ship would be opportunity.


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!) Think of it as life, it can’t go on forever. Infinity has never been proved

2) Don’t waste time.

3)You experience life, not wait for it to end

4)The more time you spend on something, the less available at the end of the day

5)Not everything comes your way. You have to work at it…like your education.