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how do you cite an online dictionary?

im writing a paper and i need to know how you cite an online dictionary. not the final works-cited page but an in paper cite.

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I combed through a few different sites on quoting from online sources, but couldn’t find dictionaries, in particular.

I did find one possibly helpful entry for ‘Gopher site’ (you can use it to retrieve reference locations from your computer:

Gopher site

The gopher search protocol brings text files from all over the world to your computer. Popular in the early 1990s, especially at universities, gopher was a step toward the World Wide Web’s hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP). Although the advent of HTML documents and their retrieval on the Web has diminished the use of gopher, many documents can still be accessed through Web browsers.

To document information obtained by using the gopher search protocol, provide the following information:

Author’s name

Title of document

Any print publication information, italicized or underlined where appropriate

Date of online publication

Date of access

Gopher address, in angle brackets, with directions for accessing document

Directions for accessing document

Goody, Jack. “History and Anthropology: Convergence and Divergence.” Bulletin of the Institute of Ethnology, 75.2 (1993). 2 June 1999 . Path: Anthropology.

At the very least, you could cut and paste the browser address as a reference; that would contain both the dictionary location and the added browser routing to the page with the specified word. This seems to make the most sense to me.


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