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hey all..plz help with vote of thanks?

i’ve got to deliver a vote of thanks speech at the fresher’s party that we seniors are throwing at the college for the 1st year students,,all the staff and the principals will be present..so please help me….help me make it interesting..its on wednesday..plz help…gv me sm interesting ideas as to how should i start and end..help me with nice sayings

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First write down the names of all the people you need to acknowledge, then write short bits about what each person contributed. Try to remember any really nice things they did, or any funny things about them (without being hurtful or too personal) or amusing things that happened and write these down. If you focus on other people’s accomplishments, it makes you look good, but you need to be careful not to appear condescending.

Start your speech by saying that no event comes together without lots of help, then say that there are many people who deserve recognition. Then you can put in all the little bits about each person. Make it light and cheerful. Good Luck!