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can someone ellaborate this quote to me? i need a great help please,,,?

i have an assignment to discuss a quote in the class and i choose this ” tired of trying, sick of tryingm i know im smiling but inside im dying..” please help me.. i dont know how to ellaborate it.

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it basically means, many people of us are putting on a show (i know i’m smiling) when things aren’t going well for us, and we’re not good at things, but inside we feel like dying, or crying, cuz we feel so helpless. take a simple example of a crowd of people watching somebody learn how to ride a bike and the person keeps on falling off the bike, again and again. than the person feels like a fool, but needs to keep on smiling, cause he won’t let on about how he feels, but really inside he feels disgusting. this instance can be applied to any situation in life.

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Homer is locked in a jail mobilephone and there’s a man within the reverse nook gambling a harmonica. Homer asks, “what are you in right here for?” The stranger replies “surroundings.” Cracks me up everytime. Another well one is among smithers and Mr burns while Marge is being taken as a sacrifice to Gorilla Island. When speaking approximately how she is going to reasonable at the boat go back and forth smithers says “Women and Seamen do not combine.” Very Funny

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The quote simply means that the character is tired of whatever he is doing (tired/sick of trying) but is doing it anyway to please others (know im smiling)… it’s like putting a fake smile on around friends or family when something’s wrong… and the (dying) part refers to the stress that is causing the character in doing whatever he is trying to do.

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i wil suggest this poem for you.

I tried to catch the wind

But instead the wind caught me,

It raised me to great heights before

I landed in a tree.

I tried to catch my shadow

But I failed at all my chances,

For my shadow is quite eloquent

At eluding my advances.

I tried to catch a falling star

But the closer it drew near,

I backed away out of its path

Overcome by awesome fear.

I tried to catch the fairy

Who came to get my tooth,

But instead I learned I wasn’t a

Conniving enough sleuth.

I tried to catch a quaint snowflake

But instead I caught the flu,

Now confined to my bed

For a week or perhaps two.

I tired to “catch you later”

But got badly misdirected.

Called another friend instead

You say you were rejected.

So I throw in the quitter’s towel,

Don’t want to catch a thing.

‘Cause I’m tired of always trying

And never catching anything.