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naruto uzamaki

can any one make short story?

using these words








please help me iam only 9years old an i dont know how to make a story.

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I’m not sure where you’re at in English class. So I’m assuming some things about you.

A paragraph is a group of around 5-9 related sentences that carry a similar thought.

A short story is a group of paragraphs that tell a story about a person(s), place(s), or thing(s).

Those words, to me, look like a vocabulary list. The teacher is wanting to see if you know what they mean and if you can use them correctly in a sentence.

That’s about as much help as i can give you without feeling like I was cheating you out of the “gift of knowledge” of learning them yourself.

good luck.


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Adam D.
Those are some big words for a 9 yearold!!! How come I feel I am going to be doing someones home work…. (buy the way if this is your home work I would not use it, I may just be your teacher ^_^)

Bob was waling to the arcade when the venders of Sonic Doom the fifth was installing a new game! Bob had allready got the hilarious Idea to play the game with his eyes shut! So unaccompanied by any of his friends he went through with is plan. It turns out that bob got high score!!! So the Vendors gave hime a Novelty prize. If he could break the score with his eyes shut. How would he do with them open? Not as good as you would have thought. I lost in less then a minute. so the sulkiness of bob was hilarious to us all.

I dont know?

Hope I was of some help!

Adam D.


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why would you have a homework assignment using those words when you’re 9 years old?

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stephanie l
kids are great at writing stories. and if you can’t this is good practice.