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With MSN, email, and electronic communication, is spelling and grammar important anymore?

I think it is.

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Yeah! You betcha!! LOL!!

My pet hate is people who are to damned lazy to type a proper sentence – with full words, decent structure and punctuation!

I am very glad that you also think it is important. Many would agree that using so-called ‘text-speak’ comes across as lazy and ignorant.


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I hate when people spell things wrong. It just goes to show you that they are uneducated and don’t take the time to use correct grammer.

For example: If your chatting with a person online that you’ve never met before and he says:

“Yah, I totaly luv socer. I never been to a socer game b4, butt I’d luv to go. THX 4 taking, c u latter.”

You would assume that he is completely uneducated, and that he can’t speak proper english at all. But if you spoke to another person that said:

“Yeah! I totally love soccer. I’ve never been to a soccer game before, but i’d love to go. Thanks for talking. See you later.”

You would assume that he is educated, and would be a nice person to hang around, better than the 1st guy.

So to answer your question, yes, spelling is important in e-mail, because after all, it makes the first impression.


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definite, they are considerable. on condition that the ingredient of verbal substitute is to circulate techniques and concepts, undesirable spelling and grammar detract from that. instant messaging is in all probability hurting spelling and grammar. the priority is greater usual on SMS textual content textile messaging, the place some could say that it incredibly is arguably neccessary to apply extreme contractions and planned mis-spellings with a view to get a smart quantity of guidance for the duration of in one textual content textile. I say it particularly is rubbish because of the fact the main appropriate answer is to condense meaning fairly than to mangle words. Worse nevertheless is whilst human beings ask questions approximately Yahoo! solutions and don’t furnish sufficient practise so you might respond to (not real of this question). i ask your self what’s the ingredient ? i think of that if someone can’t be bothered to physique a query wisely and furnish sufficient practise for me to grant a smart answer, then the asker in all probability won’t be bothered approximately examining the respond precise the two. that’s frequently real.

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a nationl geographec survay shwos that peopel tend to read wlohe words instaed of letters.