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Why does my teacher favor the other kids?

Their’s this young teacher who seem to favor the popular kids. She is seen talking to them positively, and goes the extra mile to help them. I don’t really care, because I get good grades… But: when I see the Favored students do stuff as in : Put on headphones to listen to music, I get the same idea and put it on, but she tells me to take them off, and is always yelling at me or mean mugging me for no reason. Whats up with this, she does it with alot of other students. Dont get me wrong, she doesnt let some of the popular kids get away, but she lets them slide to much…

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Diane M

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Life’s not fair so this is a good lesson in the real world. The beautiful and popular often get extra attention and breaks. Not all teachers are good teachers and it sounds like yours needs to take a closer look at her behavior. I’ll bet she doesnt even realize how she is coming accross.

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yes teachers do favour some children over others. studies have shown that kids that are good looking are given more attention then kids who are not good looking. another example is that a teacher that reads a report saying a certain child has had poor grades as a result of a learning disability will then accept that she or he is not worth the time and so that child will not be seen by the teacher as much. this is very sad as it did not matter if the child really did have poor grades or a learning disability before or not once the child has learning disabled in the file that will stick to them for life.

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I don’t understand your complaint.

Is it that your each er does not talk positively to you?

Or do you feel badly that you are not popular?

Could it be that your attired or demeanor turns people off? If so then a change in you is warranted.


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THose of you who are not getting the same treatment should get together and report her. SHe is not being fair.