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ron w

when is my disbursement date coming???

I applied for a student loan at wachovia…

it got approved on 10/11/07 they said

they are going to mail me a letter stating when the money is coming…

im kin of impatient though, does anybody know when the letter will come…

and a guess on when my money will come…


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A few days ago

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If I was to guess…About 2 weeks for the letter and Anywhere from 4 weeks to 2 months for the money.. Depends on a few things.. Make sure all your school paperwork is in order (questionaires, income paperwork, student loan counseling classes, etc.). You might not have all these but I bet you have some, so make sure it’s all taken care of. That’s about all you can do, the rest is between the school and wachovia. Keep checking with your financial aide office and make sure they have EVERYTHING! From personal experience, they’ve been known to magically lose paperwork that I turned into them… That in turn caused a delay on my money… Like the old saying… Make sure you got your i’s dotted and t’s crossed.. Hope this helped a little..