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What kind of education is needed to become a wedding planner or event planner?

I am a senior in high school and i am looking in to becoming a wedding planner or event planner and was wondering how to become one and what education needed and what is the average salary of a wedding planner? and what are the characteristics of a wedding planner?

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You need education for that? Well, maybe an business degree I think, like an MBA or something. But that’s overkill!

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Many professional planners do not have an actual educational background! I’m a wedding/event coordinator and floral designer and I started out of a hobby! My degree is in Business Administration and Psychology! I was an accountant and contract Social worker before! But there are Vo Tech colleges that offer such training in a certificate kind of class not an actual degree of bachelors or such! There are many online colleges that offer it and you get a license also thru them. Although, I don’t know how these schools are accredited. Your salary is like everything. You get what you put into it! Where you are located makes a big difference! Big city, big bucks. Small towns, low income! It just depends! I cater to both worlds the rich and the middle class and low income! On an average low income I make between $3,000 to $7000 just for the coordination before, during and on the day of the event! I’ve made over $30,000 in a single event and this is my profit not my gross! I do weddings, quincianeras, debutant balls, coorporate events, fundraisers, and any party or shower! It’s a good business but you have to develop clientel and produce good work. People expect what they pay for! Do it as if it were for your own daughter is my favorite saying….a daughter you love dearly! Cuz you always want what’s best and most beautifull and precious and all things do with a passion and love as it will show in your work and people will distinguish you for such…..the beauty of a work well done!