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Matthew C.

What is the LSAT Test?

I heard that one has to take it on order to get into law school. I’m contemplating law school, but i’m not sure on it yet.

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Yes, it’s the test usually required as part of a law school application. The highest score is 180, but anything above 150 will get you into *a* law school though not necessarily the best schools. It consists of a series of reading comprehension and logic questions and lasts about 3 hours. It’s administered in October, December, February, June, and August every year nationwide. You can go to http://www.lsac.org for more info.

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Joscelyn C
I’m a law student so I hope I can help. The LSAT is the admissions test for law school. In order to go to any ABA approved law school, you must take it. The scale is anywhere from a 120-180. A 150 is considered average. The following websites may be good for you to look into:



Also, you may want to look at the US news rankings of the top law schools


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Adam J
It’s a standardized test that measures your logical reasoning skills and ability to read dense material carefully and quickly.

Frankly it is tough and it carries a lot of weight with law school admissions, so you’d do well to check it out before deciding to apply.

The people who administer the LSAT sell copies of old tests as study materials (they all have names like 10 actual, official LSATs) which you can easily find at any bookstore. You can also download a test from the LSAT website.

Good luck.


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Nasir P
I wrote an article about what the LSAT is and how to prepare for it at my website: http://www.pashalaw.com