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What is the average IQ for a high school student?

I need for an assignment. So please help me with this…okies? I want an honest answer.

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Actually, it would be the same as the rest of the population. 100 is the average. (120’s???? Mighty wishful thinking that poster’s reference has….)

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Hey MathM! What “book” did you use?

The average IQ is around 100. Testing is done according to age/grade level, and though the questions are different, the scale is always the same.

You wouldn’t ask a 5-year-old to solve long division problems because that’s not their normal level of operation. If they could do it, they might have an IQ much higher than 100. But if they couldn’t do it, that doesn’t mean their IQ is well below 100. They just haven’t learned it yet.


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rinto a
actually depends of the situation/..

we cant measure a person IQ on their job or age..

a normal person IQ is 90-109


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There is a status chart in a book for 2006.

Freshmen is 123.5

Sophmore is 124.2

Junior is 126.64

Senior is 126.8

There are barely any differences amongst the grades but IQ doesn’t quite develop due to age, so it is reasonable.

Einstein was 163.2 – tested at age 35

Mine is 151.77 – age 15

My cousin is 154.5 – age 18

My dog is 79… flat… hehe


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From some of the questions and answers as well as the please do my homework posts I would say pretty darn low.