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These are my schedules that I will be taking in High (sophmore now) Good?


1. English 1 Advanced

2. Freshmen science

3. Geometry

4. Algebra 2 (I doubled up so I could be more advanced)

5. French 1

6. PE/ Health (required)

7. Ancient World History/ Geography

(Completed this year 1st semester- 2 bs rest all As, 2nd semester- Straight As)


1. Trigonometry

2. Biology

3. Honors Chemistry

4. Modern World History/ Forensics

5. French 2

6. English 2 Advanced

7. Visual Basic 1 and 2


1. English 3 Advanced

2. French 3

3. AP Calculus

4. AP Physics

5. AP US History

6. C++ Programming 1 and 2

7. undecided


1. AP English

2. Calculus 2 at the city college

3. French 4

4. Advanced Programming 1 and 2

5. AP Chemistry

6. AP US Government/ Video Game Programming

7. undecided

Now, heres the question

I am wanting to be an elecrical engineer for space craft,

Is this a good high school schedule for that?

Or will i be too stressed? From all the advanced classes?

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If you follow through with your schedule, and get good grades, you’ll be on your way to become the electrical engineer. However, run this plan by a counselor (or advisor) at your school to get her input. They will know better on how difficult these classes are, and how you will be able to handle it. I would say make sure whatever you do end up taking, be in the top 5% of your class and take many honors (AP). It doesn’t matter if you even take all maths in your freshman year, just make sure you make the best grades in the class and do some clubs/extracurricular. Try that NASA program available to high school students!

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You will be well-prepared for many fields of study. Of course stress will come with, especially during AP testing in May. But you will save money by receiving college credit while in high school. I know a student who received 32 credits from taking so many AP tests.

Good luck!