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Teachers: Can you tell me about your classroom rules, consequences and rewards?

I’m in a teacher certification program and am supposed to write a list of the aforementioned things for my classroom. I would really really appreciate if a few teachers would pitch in and tell me about their classroom.

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I am sure you have heard the rules of making rules. I have copied mine from the The First Days of School. Be Prompt, Be Prepared, Be Respectful. Consequences are set up by the team you are on as well as your personal tastes. I have a personal detention after at least one phone call home in regards to one certain behavior, parent conferences, and of course last but not least an office referral. You always have to check the code of conduct and with the administrator your students will deal with to ensure they will back you up when you do have to send a student to the office. I try to have a positive peer pressure thing and give points to classes at the end of the class period with certain circumstances, i.e. Nobody is chewing gum, talking out of turn, homework is turned in, no tardies, etc. At the end of the grading period we like to do a celebration of sorts for the class with the most amount of points. Usually the celebration was pizza party on the patio at lunch, doughnuts for breakfast or something like that.

I went through a program like this and while it is good practice, it doesn’t have a lot of real life credibility, because it doesn’t allow for you to take into account each school district’s and each campus’ rules and nuances with administrators. Good luck!


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I’ve always believed that the classroom should be like a community and its students are the community members, so what i do is at the beginning of every school year is i have the students decide what classroom rules should be and decide what the consequences are if the rules are broken. That way if a student breaks a rule they cant say that the teacher is too strict or unfair, because they came up with the rules and punishment themselves. Hope this helps.

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I substitute teach and every time I walk into a classroom I tell the kids I only have 2 rules. They can break any rule except for these 2 rules.

1. We are safe

2. We are respectful

I’ve been subbing for 7 years and I’ve never had a student have a problem with these rules. It also gets them thinking about respect. They’ll ask “Can we chew gum?” and I’ll answer “Is that respectful of school policy?” and so on. Trust me, it covers everything.

Good luck to you on your cert program.


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my sister is a teacher so i can tell you about her rules.

1)respect your things as well as others.

2)no talking while the teacher is talking

3)no yelling

4)keep your hands to yourself

5)treat others the way you’d like to be treated

and some rewards and systems she has are bucks. little paper money that can buy them little things such as pretty pencils and animal shaped erasers(this is elementary)

they can also get mechanical pencils and pens that write in different colors.

the system for misbehavior is they have clothespins. everyone has their name on it an when your clothespin is on blue you have been good. but if you get a warning then you move it down to yellow. then if you get another one you move it down to red. so everyone starts at blue.

hope this helps you!