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studying tips..?

I know this is a weird question but I have all these tests coming up what is the best way to study like before I go to bed do you know tips for studying?

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muhammed m

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See all what you are going to study tommorrow morning by before you going to bed… it will make a partial map in your brain

it helps to Study very faster….

All the best for your exams……..


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Everyone has their own method of studying, as everyone differs on how they study and the factors when they study.

For me, I do mind maps whenever a teacher has finished teaching a particular lesson. I find this useful as it summarizes all the crucial facts in one short space. I try to fit one chapter on to one A4 sized page(landscape, handwritten of course). Writing it by hand is better as you take a longer time to write, and therefore think about the facts for a longer time.

I add a few bright colors, usually from a highlighter so it doesn’t too boring seeing black and white when I study. But don’t add too many, they can be very distracting and time consuming to decorate.

I study about three weeks before major exams, if it’s five tests. For small exams I study a week before and go through my notes over and over again. I also borrow notes form my friends and see what points they have that I’ve missed out.

My study place is usually the dining table, because there are no distractions as compared to the laptop (where I’m typing this now). And I work best without music, with a deadline and water in front of me. I take a break everytime I complete a chapter, say for 5 minutes. I will walk around the house, perhaps stretch. But not engage in anything that takes up time.

Well I guess that’s all I have to say. I think this method works for me because I started it this year and already I’ve gotten second in class!:D

(P.S. don’t study before you sleep, especially if you’re very sleepy. You won’t remember everything you crammed on the test day itself. NEVER study on the bed because you will fall asleep.)


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There are lots of study tips.

1. Have all your materials ready before you begin.

2. Study in a quiet place. No music, and close the cell phone.

4, Study the most difficult subject first

5. There may be after school help classes.

6. Ask your teachers for help.

7. Look for relationships between the daily lesson and the general topic being discussed.

8. Spend time to review each week.

You will find below a number of helpful study sites. Book mark them.


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Prioritize as to what you know about the subject and what you are not too sure on. Study to your weaknesses.

Review your notes from class – then, read about those high points the teacher discussed because they are probably going to be on the test. Know the major terms and key concepts.

You want to study about a week before the test – and every day until the day of the test.

Good luck!