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Shakespeare Julius Caesar Help!?

“Sleep is mentioned by brutus and his soliloquy in the first scene of ACT2. portia mentiones it and calpurnia’s dream is very significant. Discuss the sleep imagery in the play and show how it is important.”

Please i need to write a paper, please respond asap with some help. thnx!

p.s. I just don’t get this question

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It sounds as though there are three major scenes in which a dream sequence takes place.

Brutus appears to mention a scene during a soliloquy (a long speech delivered to the audience the describes the character’s thoughts).

Portia seems to mention either her own dream or Brutus’s dream (the placement of “it” is throwing me).

Calpurnia also has a dream.

Look at those three scenes and think of how the idea of sleeping or dreaming imagery affects the rest of the play.