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School Help!-9th grader?

Hi, i’m 14 years old, and last night I didn’t get any sleep because of so much homework, I am really tired, and I have lots of homework today agai, i’m sure, so can you please make me a nice schedule so I can get some sleep and get my homework done?

Keep in mind i’m not a very fast worker.

Here will be my homework (didn’t go to school yet, but I know some of the work):

*Make index cards for Italian, about 40

*Italian teacher coming to catch me up with work (surgery), will take about 1 1/2 hour

*Study passages and characters and themes and ideas of book I read for a test tomorrow

*The rest of the homework I will be getting tomorrow, you can judge how long it will take, I am in 9th grade, all honors classes

*Math Test, a little bit difficulty with certain problems, may take longer than usual to understand, may have to look up

*Have a half hour show

Most likely going to have a biology test in 2-5 days, which i’m a little lost on because the class is boring

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surprise – all nighters will do more harm than good

e.g. (Latin = for example) my roomate in college waited until final exam to apply himself – stayed up all night and by 5 am had it NAILED – but the test was not then

6 am – took shower to get ready for 8 am test

7 am getting fuzzy at breakfast

8 am – could not remember how to spell his own name

F L A G G E D the test

———hopefully – you will remember this weekend as a serious


do a little here and there – and you will be ready when the day comes

but it is too easy to play on the computer – instead of cracking

the books

best of luck


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Glad to hear you’ve recognized (that hard way, unfortunately) what procrastinating and game-playing does. But you’re an honors student so I suspect you won’t let that happen often.

First, I must recommend that after school you have a rest for about 30 minutes. A “power nap” so to speak. If you don’t have anyone home, set an alarm and REALLY force yourself up. Any longer and you’ll be groggy for hours, and shorter and it won’t be worth it. If you can’t manage that, skip it, but it’s worth the 30 minutes out of work time, it clears your brain.

I suggest that you study characters and themes regarding the book for the test FIRST. This is because your brain really needs to be able to understand these people and this literature, and the test is right away.

Then I suggest you get started on the math test. Take your time, don’t leave all the hard ones till last, that makes it worse. If it takes a long time and you’re feeling a bit… brain foggy… then stop and do some of the index cards for Italian. I’m not sure but that sounds like something yo ucan do with a little less brain power. That’s your brain’s rest period, so to speak.

Then go back to your math.

I can’t give you the order or time of homework you’ll get tomorrow that you don’t know about– best advice is to mix the hard with the easy. Take 5 minute breaks even in the middle of that– not long times, but get a glass of milk, an apple, a chunk of cheese, anything that gives you a boost. Stay away from the soft drinks (Coke, 7-Up, etc) and the candy– the sugar boost is good but not for a long time. If you’re starting to sag, go for a brisk walk, and don’t underestimate the real helpfulness of another “power nap” (but you MUST stick to the time limit, I can’t stress that enough! Otherwise you will be much worse off than you think you are now!)…

Take 15-20 minutes to eat a meal. Don’t just sit at the table eating slowly, or your brain will be slowed down (seriously).

As for your biology test, if you’re lost then it shouldn’t have been boring, you should have been trying to learn! Since you don’t need that to get through tonight (tomorrow)– I suggest giving your notes a good read, but not worry too much about it yet, you have enough to worry about with the book and the math.

When you need a brain-break, go for the things like index cards. When the teacher is done catching you up, DON’T be tempted to go straight for the cards. Your brain will have already had a chance to “breathe” and you need to get up and power around again (on the stuff that makes the brain work) and then start over.

As an honors college student, this worked for me, especially the change of pace– you’ll fry yourself if you try to do it all at once.

Good luck!


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The post right before me sounded good (esp with the nap..that power nap is a god send!)….but I have some advice to add

– Try getting up early to do mindless easy work..like the flashcards. I know that sounds terrible but you can do the cards while your eating breakfast or something and then you don’t feel like crap during the day

-Do work on the weekends. This is actually a bad habit that has turned out good for me. During the week, I do just enough work to basically say I did my homework. That means a lot of times I copy answers and don’t understand the material at all. That gives me time to study for tests and do well on them. But then, I devote one weekend day to going back and doing everything over again and right so that I understand it. I know that dosn’t sound very appealing, but I think its better to study for a math test the night before than to do biology readings that don’t really need to be done until next week.


good luck!


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