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read my student council speech and comment please? cont?

. I feel as though I would be a good representative for the freshman class because I listen to everyone’s opinion and make intelligent decisions that would benefit the class as a whole. If I am elected, I will try to make Bedford High School as pleasant as possible by improving our everyday experience. I feel that I would be a good asset to this schools student senate because I speak my mind and am very understanding of other people’s ideas. We need to start this school off right and I know I can help to accomplish that and make Bedford High School the best that it can be. hank you for listening and if you want a determined, fun, leader who will listen to everyone’s ideas and get things done, vote for me, Becca Greaney, for student senate

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It’s OK, but know that it doesn’t really matter what you say, as long as you deliver it with pep and verve…

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The Bird ( *)>
When giving a speach its important to stand out from the rest of the compitition. The speech you have here is bland and nothing really jumps out at you.

Here is a basic idea for how you might re-write this and make “you” stand out from the crowd –

“Student Council is a big responsibility that requires a strong leadership and determination. It requires people willing to stand up for what others want and need, even when they are alone. That is the type of student council repersentitive I will be if elected.

Electing me to the student counsil will help you, the students, by giving you a voice, that will thrive at working toward providing the whole student body with exciting and fun activities throughout the school year. ”

Becca I’m sure you get the basic idea. Good luck in the election.


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Its generally a good speach, but the only thing I would suggest you change is making the “school as pleasant as possible by improving our everyday experience” you cant change school policy, thats up to the school board…..but other than that its good. Good luck in your school elections and I hope you do well.

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tharun k
hi dude

i am tharun 4m chenai (india) and i am one of the member of student council in my school and 4m the way i talked i think that u should and me life to ur speeech and adress the students as my fellow friends or my family and not ny using the school name and its better that u make the speech as funny as possible as i got 90% of my votes 4 my funny speech and its also ok if u suppot the students than the teacher so that they get a confidence in u

i hope u like my adive and tharun signing off



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lets see.. Im just trying to help. Dont get mad. I think you should revise it. Its confusing! You need to organize the the parts when you say you will do “this” and “that”.. And,,, it depends who’s voting, If you are in Middle School, Elementary School, or High school… If oyur in Elementary, make it easier and make the vocablulary more easier & understandable. If you are in Middle school, you should make it more humorous/exiting .. If in High School, I think thatll do, except the part that you need to organize your speech. I think you should write it over..