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joelle r

Please help me with this sentence…..I need to rewrite it using a metaphor?

He liked the smell of pastries.

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Lloyd B

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Simple metaphor:

The smell of the pastries was a symphony.

Extended metaphor:

The smell of the pastries was a Beethoven symphony played by the London Philharmonic in the Sydney Operal Hall with Richard Strauss conducting.

Additional note:

Metaphor for a stack of pastries:

A mountain of pastries.


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A metaphor is a comparison NOT using like or as.

So make a comparison USING like or as… then take out the like or as….

like this…

The smell of pastries wafted in like a cloud of flavor.

take out LIKE and make it was because you are comparing them.

The smell of pastries WAS a cloud of flavor.


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the smell of pastries are to him as the beauty of a fragrant rose is to a bee.

im not sure if thats exactly a metaphor but it sounds good! good luck!