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What clases in high school, and more importantly what major/minor/classes do i take in college to become an ophthalmologist. Also do you know any good colleges to go for this?

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An opthalmologist is still an M.D. just with a specialization. So in high school you need to take lots of math and sciences, in college anything pre-med, then go to med school, then to internship, then residency, then group or private practice, etc.

You can google search for med schools with opthalmic specializations, or just go talk to someone who is one, and find out what they think.


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you need to continually start up consisting of your Optometrist. they are approved and are nicely geared up to guard your well-known eyecare desires. in addition they grant greater precise prescriptions. I artwork for a team of ophthalmologists…and we deliver our sufferers back to their interior of reach OPTOMETRISTS for their glasses prescriptions AND we additionally refer them back to their OPTOMETRISTS for their well-known eye care. Ophthalmologists are professionals and surgeons. in case you had abdomen discomfort, you does no longer pass without delay to a gastroenterologist…you will pass on your well-being care expert or kinfolk well-being practitioner on the grounds that abdomen discomfort would desire to be led to by using a number of particularly some issues. it somewhat is not any diverse by using taking place your optometrist first. definite, there is one greater rate incurred if the optometrist does discover some thing incorrect and you opt for a professional…yet they comprehend who to deliver you to by using the indications and their findings…extremely than getting exceeded around from professional to professional once you pass as a “self referral” to an ophthalmologist…have self belief me…I even have considered this take place with sufferers who are available thinking they have a retinal concern while it somewhat is actual a corneal concern…or perhaps only dry eyes. If those sufferers would see their optometrist first, then they does no longer be ‘exceeded’ around and getting pissed off by using all the copays or out of pocket costs. An optometrist can diagnose, prescribe drugs, and take care of controllable circumstances, like easy diabetic eye issues, easy glaucoma, dry eye, eye allergies besides as refract your prescription. in many cases the professionals ARE greater high priced to pass to. Our wide-unfold preliminary visits run approximately $one hundred…my very own optometrist fees $40 5. i replaced into born with a severe degree of nearsightedness…and only as quickly as replaced into talked approximately an ophthalmologist…for unexpected inventive and prescient loss that replaced into clinically determined as a achievable amaurosis fugax that throughout the time of no way exceeded off returned….yet i replaced into referred from my optometrist, and finally the retinal professional.