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Must he study Science and Mathematics?

I might have asked this question to a narrower audience, but I am too lazy to search such a forum. I apologise to all those for whom this message is a bother.

I know a 12 standard (grade) student studying in Chennai, India. The question he has is – Must he have the science and mathematics in his 12th, if he wants to do a graduate degree in Science in India. (B Sc. Physics, or Bsc. Maths.)

Second Question –

Are Science and Maths required if he wants to join the Indian Airforce?

(Again, I apologise to the majority to whom this question might be irrelevant. Maybe you can tell me if this is possible in your country / university.)

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Yes, if you want to go for B.Sc.maths/physics you need maths and science.

Also as per indian airforce science and maths r must.

look,I m an Indian and did’t like your attitude of begging and appologising.Have some respect for yourself and dont make us feel ashamed of nothing.anyone can ask anything on this section as these type of questions r much better than thoes obscene questions posted by some firangi idiots.


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I’m not completely sure I understand the school system you are refering to. In my experience a 12th grader would benefit from the extra science and math courses if he intents to continue in that field as a graduate student.

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