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im a writing a letter to the king and ……….. ? i need help ?

well, its not a king its his brother but still he considered a big prince here im wrting him a letter asking him for a scholarship but i need reasons for that and goals. so i far i only came up with three

1)get the best education, get bechelor and master

2)make my parents pround

3)serve this country.

now those aint enough at allll, please be as creative as you can be as possible thanks

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Dear Big Prince:

I’m writing this reference letter for this illiterate dude on yahooanswers whom I never met. I’m going to get two points for writing this letter, which is more than what he’s going to get if he uses this letter to apply for a scholarship.




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First of all:

1. Because you are obviously illiterate at this stage of your education and you desperately need the money to attend a school that will teach you (1) grammar basics; (2) sentence structure; (3) spelling and punctuation; all so you can properly study the courses that will be required to obtain a proper education in your vocation of choice.

First: it is Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree.

Second: if you are only getting an education to make your parents proud, what good is it. Shouldn’t you be getting an education in order to be able to support yourself and your future family if you have one, in a manner that will keep you off the dole.

Third. You want an education to “serve your country” What does that mean.

And do not use phrases like “those aint enough” No educated person would even read your letter let alone consider it.

Those aren’t enough. or That isn’t enough. or better yet. Those are not enough. or That is not enough.

and I am writing him. Not im writing him a letter.

Think about it. What are your goals in life. Is your only goal to please your parents. If so. You are too young and not ready to leave home to go to school at this point and therefore do not need a scholarship.


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You need the scholarship to be a better officer in the king’s army.

Education will enable you to clearly write articles supporting the King.

You will become a scientist and invent new things that will help the king.

People will love the king when they find out how generous he is.

You will be a spy of the king in college since there is a movement against him there.

You will learn new languages and will serve the king as a translator.


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OMG your answers are a little mean aren’t they,

Well say you want to be a good example of your country’s population, to improve yourself as a person, to learn about other, cultures and to advance you countries opportunities, If you did become a famous writer then it Would be great PR for you country. Sorry I made you upset! 🙁


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I want to make alot of money. I want to be able to afford to travel.I want to make a difference in our community.I want to help my parents finicaly if they need it.