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i want to apply to boarding schools….?

specifically Idyllwild Academy of the Arts in Cali. only problem is im failing matha and language arts i always can pass with straight a’s by the end of the years i believe im very smart but 8th grade is kickin my butt this year and applications have to be in by February !!! report cards come out in January i just got one in october !how do i bring my grade up?????i want to major in voice and i can sing well how do i bring my grades up if i have all the other requirements but my grades arent good willi still get in i have all as in my other subjects!

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Is it possible to get tutoring to bring those grades up by Feb.? If you work very hard you can probably do it! I don’t know about admissions standards at Idyllwild, but I am guessing that you would not be an appealing applicant with 2 failing grades. If they do not gain acceptance, you can try again the next year, showing them how you brought your grades up. Good luck!

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Here are some suggestions to do better in school.

.Pay attention in class.

2. Behave yourself.

3. Participate in class discussions.

4. Ask questions when you do not know something.

5. Have good attendance and punctuality.

6.Do your homework properly and well.

You will find additional suggestions below for you do your homework smarter and better.

Here are some suggestions.

1. Speak to your teachers privately and ask them what you can do to make things better,

1. Have all of your materials ready and in the place that you are going to study.

3. Study when its quiet. No music, no TV, No headphones, no nothing.

4. Do your most difficult subject fist or else you may never get to it.

5. Keep a calendar so that you know when a project is due or a test is going to be given.

6. Vocabulary is very important. Words have different meanings. You need to know the meaning for the subject that you are taking.

7. Study the relationship of things. How is the topic that you studied related to the unit that you are studying?

8. Your textbook has hints for you. Many books have important words or phrases in darkened or colored type, make sure that you know them thoroughly.

The sites below are excellent and will give you many other ideas about studying.









Good luck.