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I want a job?

I’m a junior in high school with no job experience. I kind of need some for college resumes. I’m busy with school work and extra curricular activities after school so I can’t say I’m available on my applications. My friends only work one or two days a week and I want to do that too. If I put I’m only available Friday after school and all day Saturday and Sundays, is my chance still slim for getting a job?

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The more limiting your available hours are the more you reduce your chances of getting a job.

You have your head screwed on the right way, You know that your education is the priority.

Because your chances are reduced does not mean that they are non-existent.

Keep the right priorities and good luck.


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There are plenty of weekend jobs, regardless of experience, but, in most communities, it is illegal for students to work certain days/nights and hours. However, if your friends are doing so legally and at legit work places, then you should be able to do so, as well.

But, ask yourself these questions: How will you get to the job? Will you stick it out for at least a few months (no employer would expect a junior high schooler to stay longer than that), or will you abandon the job as soon as there’s a conflict with one of your classes or activities? Are you going to be able to handle the lack of free time? Can you ask your friends to act on your behalf? Have you spoken with your parents about this?

If you can answer the above, truthfully, and find that you are genuinely able to work (and that you have parental permission to do so), then you shouldn’t have too many problems finding a job.

Yes, your chances may be slim, but, given that you’re even bothering to ask about it, and, based solely on your correctly phrased and spelled – – if not fully punctuated – – details (albeit with a poor “question”), I would not hesitate to hire you! 🙂

Just remember that your employer is your boss, not your friend or relative. You’ll be in his/her “house”, and, as such, you must abide by his/her rules and regulations, except where it violates ethical and moral behavior, of course!

Good luck!

P.S. Your question would have been better suited in the “Business & Finance > Careers & Employment” forum, though I understand why you placed it here.


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milton b
Not if you are willing to take a crappy job in food service or retail.