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How do you change something from standard form to factored form?

The problem is -6x^2-60x-54

i need to get into this basis of an equation. y=a(x-p)(x-q) where p and q are the x intercepts

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First, notice that all those numbers are divisible by 6, so let’s factor that out. We might as well factor out -6, so the coefficient of x^2 is positive (this makes it easier to factor).

= -6(x^2 +10x +9)

Now look for factors of 9 that add up to 10 (they are 1 and 9 because 1 times 9 equals 9, and 1 plus 9 equals 10).

= -6(x+1)(x+9)


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The equation is -6x^2 – 60x – 54.

First, find the factors of -6 and -54. Try to find which factors of -54 that add up to -6.

Let’s experiment with these numbers!

(6x-54)(-x+1) = -6x^2 +60x -54

^This one didn’t work since it is “60x” when it should be “-60x.” Try changing the signs!

(-6x – 54)(x+1) = -6x^2-60x+54

^Now that’s more like it!

We can still simplify (-6x-54)(x+1).

We can’t simply (x+1), but we CAN simply (-6x-54). Take -6 as the common factor.

Therefore, the answer would be -6(x+9)(x+1).


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combine like terms