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High School Hindering Me?

Before any one thinks otherwise, I’m not some kind of slacker, senior that’s given up or a burnt out student. I’m second in my class of 545 students, have a weighted GPA of 5.33/5.5 and work five days a week.

I’m just flat out sick of the prison that is high school. I’m frustrated with it. I feel as it hinders my advancement in life; it wastes so much of my time. I know what I want to do with my life (which is teaching, ironic isn’t it?) and I know what college I want to go to.

Feel free to leave comments/advice…

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Well if you’re a senior there’s only this year left…

But I honestly know what you mean, I was there myself two years ago. I really don’t know what to say, but if you’ve been accepted into college already then take it easy this year. I don’t mean flunk your classes, but if your grades slip a letter grade or two then I doubt it will matter. I just started taking more time to do the things I like than homework my senior year, but I didn’t let my GPA fall below a 3.2.

In what way do you think it hinders your advancement? Are you not learning much? What would you do otherwise with the time that HS takes up? Is it just a case of senioritis creeping up on you? πŸ™‚

But seriously, I would suggest you take life in HS as it comes. You’re almost done.


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I wish I had a kid that was in your shoes.

For one, please act grateful to those adults/teachers that are around you, whether you know them or not.

*If you are so smart, what does your GPA show of your character, your work ethic, your perseverance?

Secondly , do not underestimate those who haven’t reached your level. They may never, but they may surpass you in so many ways. You just can’t tell.

Because of your post, I guess you have already contacted your guidance counselor. Yes, they want to keep you here because they (the school district) get money for every day a student arrives at school each day.

In reality, though, you need to go through all the gates that every smart kid went through. In this “gimme now” society, it might be good for you to go through the processes that happen to everyone in the world.

Please know that there are no “Get thru free” cards just because you are doing a good job.

Asking my parents and looking back on my grand parents and further, they had a really tough road and end even though, showed exemplary work. I

I am not trying to burst your bubble, but perhaps you could tough it out and suck it up and just do what is expected and try to out-do the best.

I am sure your parents and grandparents did.

Good luck. Easy on those microwave dinners….


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Does your city have a college prep program? A lot of cities have a program that good students can enroll in where they do half a day in high school, and the other half of the day doing college coursework to prep for their careers. You may be able to start getting your college requirements out of the way ahead of time, so that you can start teaching sooner! It doesn’t eliminate high school, but at least it gets you on the right track faster! OR you could consider taking the test to get your GED, and if you pass, you’re done with high school altogether! Good luck!

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As Bill Gates once said before he became college dropout,

” Why let me walk when I can fly?”

Dude. You’re entitled to your own decisions as to what you want to make of your life once you’re out of H.S., but judging from your story, I was wondering why your parents didn’t even bother to send you to a special school for the “gifted”. Honestly, you have what it takes to excel either in school or not. No wonder you’re complaining of boredom!

I barely made it to my Junior High year before I also became a dropout, but instead I took GED and received my diploma at the age of 16. Meaning, I didn’t even bother to complete my last two years of high school setting in a traditional class setting.

You’re best bet is to meet w/your school counselor and discuss about other studying options. You may also want to discuss about testing for SATs by appointment if getting into the college of your choice is what you want. Hope everything works out for you. Wish you all the luck


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Ria B
If highschool isn’t giving you what you need get your G.E.D and take the next step…or if you can graduate early somehow with a regular diploma do that…. highschool is not at all what its cracked up to be and you learn all about your life after your out of school. I dropped out at 17 my husband graduated but didn’t go to college…his job history is amazing and he’s done very well for himself I’m not exactly the best example on the other hand I dropped out and got married and now have 3 kids (which is a beautiful job in itself, but it doesn’t bring in the money πŸ™‚ so anyhow school and money isn’t everything in life…you’ll do ok as long as you keep your head on straight πŸ™‚

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You remind me of my son. He was so uintelligent, he had trouble with school too.

Since school is something you HAVE to do, and I tild my son the same thing, just accept that and make it so that it is not the focal point of your life.

As long as you do the work and get the grades you need for college, work on filling the other parts of your days with fulfilling and fun things to do. Make sure you have a job you like, interesting and intelligent firends. Join a club or a group if that’s your thing, and stay busy doing things YOU enjoy.

Good luck to you..we need some more teachers out there that will keep other kids like you from being bored and losing interest.


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Are you already taking college courses for credit? If not, see if perhaps you can devout some of your school time to college classes, on the local college campus (dual enrollment). Your counselor should have info about this, and it would get you out of high school for a few hours each day. If you are really doing that well, it should be no problem.

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You are suffering form a disease. It is called senioritis. It will disappear in August when you will become a freshman in college.

You are lucky that you know what you want to do with your life and that may in reality be your future. People do change their minds a number of times. The statistics are that about one third of the new teachers leave within two years and fifty per cent leave within five years.


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you at the instant are not the only man or woman who slacked off in extreme college, as nicely you sound such as you nonetheless did great. I dropped out of high school at sixteen , sure it replaced into dumb and that i could have stayed, yet i’ve got been given my s**t mutually and now I certainly have a great activity extra clever than a number of my college grad acquaintances. do not throw interior the towel any element is possible you only could artwork confusing at it.

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well yeah of course it does… im a freshman and its draining me, i get no sleep, i come home mad late… and i have no time for anything! they teach us useless crap that we will never use in life. like i got band!!! which i hate, i mean comon unless i wana be a future clarinetist (which i dont) then why the *** am i stuk playing this thing? and history is useless(most of it i mean) really why the hell do i need to know about some old dead guy who did something 500 years ago? english and math i can understand but like also science i can understand but WTF is phys ed. why the hell do we need it, its only 45 mins(for me and most skools) and i can do some push ups and play sports at my house or at the park

i say dey shud cut the crap and change everything… just like math, english, science, and MAYBE just maybe a foreign language even though i know one already. and like no lunch cuz there ***** wasiting my time i couldve been home 45 mins earilier if it wasnt for lunch

so like only math english science and maybe foreign language and thats 4 periods a day. instead of what i got now which is ***** 8 periods of day.

btw i wana be a computer engineer and i need a technology class for that… WHICH I DONT HAVE!!!!