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Grades Dropping a Bit: What Will Colleges Think?

In my Freshmen and Sophomore years, I had straight A’s…a 4.0 or 3.9 GPA. Now that I’m a Junior though, I’m in a couple of AP classes I’ve got two B’s and my GPA is 3.6. However, I’ve heard that colleges tend to disregard lower grades if they’re in AP classes? Is that true?

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The point here is that you had the initiative to take some challenging courses. Yes, colleges do see that you have taken harder courses, and they may tend to say, “Well, he/she had the initiative to take them,” but you can’t just disregard your grades because you feel that colleges will let you go with low grades. Your grade point average isn’t bad either. I am a senior this year, and I took the following courses:

AP Biology

AP US History

AP English

AP French



My GPA went up to a 3.97 with all these classes, mainly because they are all weighted. Does your school do a weighting system? Getting a “B” in an AP course is like getting an “A” with the weighted scale.


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While it would be ideal to maintain your As, colleges definitely understand that AP classes are harder … and they’d rather see you challenge yourself this way even if your grades “suffer” a bit.

That said, of course, if you can get them back up, go ahead and do so!