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Hussain M

going to 7th grade?

i m gong to 7th. i don’ think there r many good teachers in 7th grade this year. half of them r just going into the school. i m hoping someone can calm me down. my plan this year is to stay before-after school and work(so i cna be away form my parents, they just make me pissed) i m going to be dedicated to work(i feel like an oppisite of me) a few friends of mine said i m really smart. yet they told me i m way too lazy and lil emo. family probs does this to u. how should i cope with 7th. i m going to do all my work and be fit. oh god! is there anyway i can make my rep around school better yet keep my grade above average. my iq said 120. in school i get B’s, a C or 2, nd a D. how am i suppose to cope with this. i was on the track team last year for hi jump and got four feet in practice. yet in track i didn’t make it past 3.10 and i almost failed at 3.2. anybody want to explain this. i m going to aim for making my school year above average. maybe even superior. im not taking language

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its not that hard to get straight A’s in middle school. Just wait until you get into high school. There will be a dramatic change.

why do you care what others think about you? I mean, think about your future. If you get in to a good college and get a decent job, they are going to be working for you.

make good choices.


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Totally average. One of my man peers is within the eighth grade and he is relationship a seventh grader. And a different on of my man peers is within the tenth grade and he is relationship a twelfth grader! It’s cool.