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Freedom Writers Essay?

Im doing this essay for the movie freedom writers. Ive chosen my topic on the conflict and charcters shown in the movie. Im trying to think of a 3rd paragraph though but not sure what to do. This is my first 2

1 ) Dept Head representing views of society and what the views of society are.

2) How does the attitude have an adverge effect on the students..

3) Im not to sure, i was thinking on how the reppor changes the students and how they view society..

Im not sure though so any help is greatly thanked and worth 10 points for best answer

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Things you could mention:

Newspaper reviews for the movie – do they show bias?

It’s hard to show how students are changed because you first have to do a survey before they see the show, then another after, so see if there actually are any changes.

Spell out the conflict – not everyone who reads the essay will have seen the movie (at least, you have to behave as though you were writing for a wider audience than just your prof) so you have to give a brief outline of what the conflicts are, and how each of the characteres respond to them.

Do the changes demonstrated by the characters have any reflection in what is happening in modern society?

If you’ve already seen the movie (and I’m sure you have) go see it again, and view it with a critical eye. It’s surprising what you will notice when you view it a second time, that you missed the first time.

The title of the movie “Freedom Writers’ is a play on the very famous “Freedom Riders” who were instrumental in bringing about the vast changes in attitude toward American Blacks. Can you compare and contrast the things they focussed on, with the things the newer show focusses on? It could giv e you some useful insights.

Good luck with it.