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can i get accepted into?

I want to major in mechanical engineering.

i am a junior in high school here is my information. for the extra curricular activities and classes: this is what i planned on taking/doing my senior year. thanks for your help.

GPA (all of high school): 4.07

GPA (sophomore/ junior): 4.15

SAT: 1850 (I plan on retaking it)

SAT Subject: Math Level 2: 630

US History: 730

ACT: 28

Class Rank: 48 of 563

AP classes: 8

Honors classes: 4

College Prep classes: 5

Extra curricular: Key Club (community service, 3yrs), Academic League (3yrs), Science Olympiad (3yrs), California Scholarship Federation (2yrs), NHS (1yr), JV Football (1yr), Zoo Corps (community service w/ san Diego zoo, 2yrs), Youth ministry (3yrs)

Work: Working for a paying job teaching kids (2 yrs-8 yrs) soccer and this summer working with an engineering firm.

Awards: Most Improved Player in Academic League, 1st place regional science Olympiad, 5th place regional science Olympiad, 5th place state science Olympiad

Leadership: Projects Commissioner in Key Club (2yrs)

can I get accepted into..


uc berkeley?

uc san diego?

cal poly luis obispo?

uc davis?

uc irvine?

arizona state?

university of arizona?

san diego state?

as of right now these are the schools im applying to: the top three are ones i hope i get in, the next three are ones i think ill get in, and the last three im positive ill get in.

but still give me your opinion, give me a yes/no/maybe next to each school.

thanks for your help!!!!

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You have all the right scores, things you are doing, etc. It is a very difficult and challenging time to be applying to college right now – you are part of the second baby boom – more kids for less spots. You have a good range of schools that you’ve selected to apply to. Are you doing any early decision? Look into that – a lot of schools like the early decision applicants b/ca it shows serious interest. You really have nothing to lose by applying early to your top choice school IF you know exactly which one you’d like. I am assuming you are a California resident with all the CA schools you’ve listed. Have you considered any other schools also? Stanford? MIT? Make sure to write a good essay – showing the type of person you are – be honest, show that “well-roundedness” and seriousness about yourself. I can see that you are a conscientious young man so your chances are really good!

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Probably not