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As developed nations head towards globalisation is it inevitable that economies will merge?

Expansion: The cost of embracing new technologies is becoming exhorbitant- e.g. if mankind wants to travel out amongst the stars who will foot the bill for this to happen? Waht other unforseen advantages are there and what are the social and political implications?

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Not unless there is a world dictator!

As far as venturing out to the stars goes, it will only happen for the very rich. So if you aren’t rich, you’re out of luck.

The Concorde airplane was the perfect example and model for how it is going to be. It was a technological breakthrough in world travel, but so expensive that only the mega wealthy could afford it. But notice there was never any push to make it cheaper or spread the technology to other aircraft. It was expensive to operate, and the rich rather enjoyed being separated from the peons in their travel experience.

The same will happen with space flight. The mega wealthy will marvel and enjoy it, while the rest of us plebes are left behind. Watch “Blade Runner”. All those dregs left behind on earth? That’s pretty much the rest of us! And it’s a fairly good prediction of what it’s going to be like.

Politics and power will NEVER merge together and eliminate money as the driving force for humanity. They are addicted to their power and will NEVER sacrifice it for “the good of mankind”. It’s ALL about the good of THEMSELVES.

Unless, like I said, a ruthless dictator comes to power and uses force to make it so. But chances are we wouldn’t enjoy the rest of that dictator’s “grand vision”.