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What are some good activities for an afterschool daycare?

The children range from kindergarten to fourth grade.

They run wild every day! Help!

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First, they need to run wild.

They are like coiled springs all day and the have to let loose for their own sanity. Have you ever seen kids at recess?

The best thing is to let them burn some of the post-school energy for 30 min. or so. Just be wild and free. No structure – they’ve had enough.You will have much much better luck getting them to quiet down later.

Then I’d even let them decompress in some way – I’d even let them watch 1/2 hour (no more) of a PBS after-school show (Arthur, Cyberchase, SuperWhy, etc are great shows) if you can (If not – do a book on tape) while/after they have a snack.

I guarantee they will settle themselves into a quieter activity. Then you can use all the ideas given. Allow them to choose what to do, but have toys, a craft, etc. available for them to choose from.

You need to be organized, but keep the “structure” to a minimum. Again, they’ve had enough of it already.

A lot of parents want kids to get their homework done – I’m personally against that. When I taught I always intended the homework to be done with the parents – as much as a way for parents to know what was going on then for extra practice.


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I run an afterschool club and organisation is the key. Lego is excellent, organise football, a long skipping rope that loads of kids can join in on, painting and model making. There are loads of art books you can buy cheaply to give you craft ideas. Barbies and cars are good or dolls etc. If you have enough staff and access to a cooker, chocolate crispies (one square of cooking chocolate per child melted with a few coco pops) fairy cakes, mini pizza, smoothies etc. You could also set up a pen pal group with another afterschool club. I hope this helps.

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visit the library, start a book club, have them create pictures, arts and crafts, rent a movie and show it in class. or Disney channel, if you have a computer, go on-line to my little pony, and have a week long best behaved kid [on Friday they get half an hour on-line playing games…if weather permits, walk outside and enjoy the walk. play jump rope, ….

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team sport’s with mixed age and gender team’s help build confidence gives the older kid’s a sense of responsibility plus it’ll make them tired.

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go here there is tons of different things you can do with them

you can also play sport with them

make clay

heads up 7up

musical chairs

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