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Trying to become a childminder in south wales, I need inspiration please??

I have been doing the childminding course for over a year now, currently completed my coursework (you know the big file of standards.) Only problem is I keep wondering is it all going to be worth it and I have a few worries. Mainly I worry my house is too small, also I worry because I have a 2 yr old and a baby due in january, would you put your children with someone who has two small children? I also about how many children they will register me to look after as I will already have 2 of my own. Basically I need someone to give me some confidence……any advice? Cheers x

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there is nothing wrong with watching other people’s children when you have children of your own! They will have playmates, and the parents might feel more comfortable leaving their children with you because you’ve been where they are.

For space considerations, think about how much floor space one child takes up during free play. (Not just their body, but how much space do they need to spread out their toys and become involved in what they do.) I’ve heard a good number is 35 square feet per child. Personally, I would add a little more to that, then divide by the square footage of your living space, and only watch that many children.

You should definitely check to see if your local government has regulations regarding childcare, and also if there are local resource groups for child care providers. They are usually very helpful in getting started.

Good luck!