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Need help finding preschool lesson plans any suggestions?

Preschool themes for: Camping, Gardening, Pirates, Bugs, Community Workers, Child Handicaps, Beach, Picnics

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www.preschooleducation.com , click on theme topics

www.atozteacherstuff.com , click search and type what you want or click discuss and ask your question.

www.preschoolrainbow.org, topic on side bar

camping: build a tent from large sheets and chairs, use flashlight for “fire” or to make shadows on side of “tent.”

Pirates: have half class hide treasure and make map. Then other half has to decipher map and find treasure. Sing “yo ho ho and a box of juice drinks.” Make telescopes or binoculars using tp rolls. Have each child hold a hook and fish for treasure in davy jones’ locker (the sand/water table.) Make a pirate ship using paper shapes or blocks. Design and create your own treasure chest using a cardboard box. Books I read when I do pirates: When the Wild Pirates Go Sailing, Dinosailors, How I Became a Pirate, and Tough Boris. (I consider the latter 2 must haves.)

All your topics, except for pirates, have their own catagory in preschooleducation.com


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This feels like a great concept! the colors and crayons are very relatable to what preschoolers see and communicate approximately daily. I take a toddler Psychology type at my severe college the place we carry a 4-day preschool with 2, 3, 4, and 5 365 days olds. i’ve got taken it for a semester now, and this is one concern I discovered: it is incredibly difficult for a team of toddlers to pay interest and artwork mutually. they’re incredibly ego-centric at this age (this is thoroughly prevalent) and that i discover that for the period of basic terms the older toddlers will play with others or artwork mutually greater truthfully than youthful toddlers will. That being suggested, maybe particularly of having them do the final area of linking hands with companions, have an activity you could all do as a team that grants incredibly expert interest to each toddler’s contribution. to illustrate, make a game the place the toddlers would desire to bypass on a hunt for colours around the room utilising shapes and colours or perhaps crayons, and have each toddler detect a definite quantity to locate. That way, you could divide in communities or communities so toddlers can sense they carried out something mutually, yet do no longer unavoidably would desire to promptly work together bodily. additionally, it facilitates the toddlers detect shapes, colours, and works on their counting and math skills. i’m no longer a expert, and that i would be thoroughly incorrect approximately all this! yet doing this for 0.5 a 365 days has made me understand alot approximately how preschoolers cooperate, work together, and learn. i desire this facilitates!

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Do you know what a lot of preschool teachers do? They ask other preschool teachers for help and advice. Usually, they are more than willing, even eager, to help. They know how tough it is to keep up with lesson plans and will help those who need it. I’ve known many that even lend plans, equipment, and any kind of available resource he or she has. Try it; don’t be afraid. This will save you a lot of time, money, your sanity, etc..

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A few of the many, many links out there with preschool lesson plans and ideas:
















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Go to www.ABCteach.com and you can get tons of stuff like free printable pages and worksheets!! Hope that helps.

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Check here. They have a lot of plans.