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PLEASE help me with vocabulary sentences . PLEASE?

PLEase help write sentences with this words

emigrate , immigrate , eminent , imminent , empathy , sympathy , enervate , invigorate , enormity , enormousness , ensure , insure.

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The on line dictionaries are very helpful for this sort of task. Here is a little help:

Please ensure that the door is locked.

Did you insure your car?

The bishop was an eminent member of the group.

The sky looked as if a storm was imminent.


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Wow…I never figured kids in grade school would be asking for homework help online. How about… you try it, and then, by doing so, you might stimulate your brain a little. You’re not going to get any smarter if you have someone holding your hand all of your life. You’ll get no sympathy from me when you end up working at Taco Bell until you’re 38. It’s imminent that you focus on your own homework so you can soar to the top of your class, instead of falling face first into the “special kids” room. Immigrate your own thoughts onto paper, not others’.

There, I gave you three.


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Bob K
For God sakes, get out a dictionary, look up these words. Make up a sentence.

You don’t want “help” writing the sentences, you don’t want to do it at all.

Can you really be this lazy. Someone else should do your homework.. If you don’t change quick your not going to enjoy being a grown up very much.


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if you go to dictionary.com, they list a sample sentence at the end of each listing.