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ok im a senior this year and i ruined my whole freshman, soph, and junior year up with bad grades?

my gpa is 2.03 i think im not in any clubs or sports (used to wrestle but coach moved farfar away and new coach is a fag)and i have no idea what i wanna be, so is there way i can change that and become a genious and go to some big name collage

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Mike G

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You’ve probably just barely recognized your mistake in time. If you really apply yourself, you might raise your GPA to a 2.5, which will get you into some state universities. Even a 2.0 will get you into a community college. Don’t count yourself out yet – the important thing is that you realize what you need to do now.

Colleges look at academic records, but they also recognize potential, and advisors will help people who are serious about helping themselves. But you have to be *really* serious. No more slacking off.

You won’t ever be a genius, but that’s overrated. Just find a good advisor and career counselor, and work your *** off.


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Christian teacher
Genius & success in school don’t necessarily go together – just look at Einstein (he didn’t do so well in school). Do you really want to go to a big name college? If so, why? If it’s because you think other people expect you to, don’t make important life decisions based on expectations. If it’s because you want to seem cool going to an Ivy League University – there’s WAY more to life than where you go to college. If it’s because you want to be successful – you can be successful even without going to college. The key here is to figure out what you really want to do with your life and then take reasonable steps to get there. Don’t rush into college (or anything else for that matter); it’s even easier to ruin classes, semesters or freshmen years in College because you are on your own & your new found freedom gives you just enough rope to hang yourself (as the saying goes).

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My daughter is in the same boat, now she’ll have to take night school along with regular school- just to be able to graduate with her class next may. It is a shame because she wouldn’t listen to anyone when we tried to help her. All i can say is- if you want to graduate with your class then go to your guidance counseler and find out what to can to extra and what not in order to pass and graduate! You can do it!! even try a tech school if you have one and get training also, my son did that and now he’s 20 and a framer with a big construction company and makes good money. Hang in there and be possitive and think about what you might like to do for a career. THE WHOLE WORLD IS IN YOUR GRAPS!! GOD BLESS!

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surely your try scores arnt remarkable… they’re reliable yet not great the colleges you utilized to additionally arn’t somewhat elementary to get into It relies upon on your GPA before and the quantity of events you do colleges can seem at your first semester grades in the event that they’re uncertain approximately you and you do look form of in many circumstances occurring those Ds are additionally in significant classification regrettably i think of it would desire to harm your opportunities nevertheless, reliable success