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I need help and information about Wikipedia for a project due tomororw! PLEASE HELP! I cant find what I need!?

Ok, so I have a project due in about 12 hours about Wikiepdia. I have to find out the size and structure of the company. All I can find is that the users (us) add, edit, and turn in vandals. I also need to know the economics of Wikipedia (how is funded/run). And I need to know the Globalization of the company. I am SO lost right now..please help me yahoo answers community.. I need you!

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How about looking it up in Wikipedia? I did and found this:


Normally I would eschew this as a source, but considering as how it’s the topic … maybe you can get away with it.


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Try this!


whenever i need to find information about a company, i go to the Forbes site. i hope it helps!