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how to teach preschoolers who have adhd?

I work with preschoolers, there are two children who I believe have ADHD.

In the group of preschoolers are 3, 4, and 5 year olds. Both of these children are in pull-ups. Both children are the older ones in the group. They often have toileting accidents. How can I handle this situation more effectively.?

Sometimes I can not understand what the two children are saying.

The parents bring toddler food in for the one child.

We have lunch served and he is given a choice to what he wants to eat.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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These children can learn to help themselves relax. Have a regularly scheduled relaxation time in your classroom. Play soft music and use relaxing activities. Practice deep breathing, do some simple yoga exercises, read a quiet story, give each child something simple to manipulate. Feathers are a good choice. Choose one activity a day. At first it’s hard to get the children to relax and enjoy it, but be consistent and they will learn and enjoy it. Use a calm, even voice. And use lots of key phrases such is Now it’s time for us to calm down and relax our bodies. Breathe deep with me.

As the kids catch on to Relaxation Time you will be able to use the breathing technique throughout out your schedule. When a child becomes too wound up, quietly ask him/her to calm your body, breathe with me.

Put the children in regular underwear and when an accident occurs, have them change themselves. Don’t make a big issue of it. Do have regular times when all children are asked to use the toilet, like before outside play time, before walks or field trips, before relaxation time. If the untrained children hear you going around asking everyone “Mary, please go potty now. We’re getting ready to go outside in a few minutes,” they will be more cooperative.


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There is probably a lot of pyschological issues involved here for both children and parents! Have the parents commented on anything or do they just send them with no communication about their child’s home/behaviorial habits? I guess an important angle would be whether or not the parents think everything is normal and there is no concern about anything. As an experienced mother and teacher, I think kids still having accidents at that age is definitely a concern, especially if the child has bowel movements. (Sorry – had to mention it!) Bedwetting is different and not considered here.

Maybe just flat out ask the parents about their situations and see what they tell you. Take note of WHEN the child has an accident- is it during active play while running or jumping, is it after snack time or drinking juice, or is it while they are sitting still, maybe while their attention is focused such as listening to a story. This might indicate the difference between an emotional problem or just physical immaturity. Try asking a pedriatician about it. They might have a more knowledge-based opinion of what’s normal and not.

Sounds like the parents might lack some proper parenting skills or knowledge. Unfortunately, most raise kids the way they were raised because that’s all they know. And heaven knows that life’s a lot different behind closed doors! At least try approaching the parents about it; you’ll get a hint at how much they will want to cooperate or pinpoint a problem by the way they react to your concern! Do what you believe is right for the children; you might be the one to make a difference, if one needs to be made!


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My son wasn’t diagnosed with ADHD at the time he was attending preschool. (he was 8 when he was officially)

He had a dreadful time fitting in with the other children and was the one blamed for everything that went wrong even if he was innocent. The other children quickly picked up that he was a little “different” and when the teacher asked “‘who did thator whatever” the children always answered “John”. ( my son) The teacher told me this as she quickly realised what was happening. I thank her for being honest with me..

I kept him there (2morns a week) but also took him to an Early Intervention” preschool where they addressed his ADHD problems. It must have helped because he’s OK now at 21 yrs.

I feel for you to have 3 in the class with ADHD. They need a lot of individual attention and need to watched more often.

Do you talk with the parents? Most often parents don’t realise there is a problem so ADHD may not be in the picture.

I am forever grateful to a childcare worker who allerted me to my son’s anti-social behaviour. I was able to get him extra help. If you speak with the parents it’s on the cards they will look at their son with different eyes and seek medical help and even theraphy before the child gets into mainstreet schooling.

good luck Been there and don’t ever want to go back there.


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I would need a lot more detail to answer this question. The information you provide gives no indication to ADHD at all and I have worked with children for 19 years and have two kids of my own, one of whom has ADHD.

Regarding the toileting accidents, they should not be wearing pullups past the age of 3. Their parents should send them to school in underwear and they should have about 5 changes of clothing. Unless the pediatrician says differently for these individuals, children at this age are physiologically ready to train. They need to want to. Pull-ups give them reason to be lazy about it. These kids should be expected to use the toilet, and to clean themselves up and change their clothing without you helping other than coaching. It will take them forever to do it, and unless their are other issues you have not described, will likely result in the children deciding that it is simpler to use the toilet when they need to go. Within a week or two, accidents should be at a minimum. This would hold true for children with ADHD as well.

Have you discussed your concerns with the parents? That would be the first step in my experience. Good luck.


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Children with AdHd are very smart. The down fall is the lack of attention span and this can lead to strong behavior problems. Keep the children on their toes by giving them hands on things to work with. Blocks and paints. The more they are doing with their hands the better. You will see a whole lot of learning if they can work out a problem they can actually touch. You will also see them sitting for longer periods of time.

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There is not anything incorrect with him, My son is 3, he does the equal factor, he by no means sits nonetheless and quite often occasions runs off. I questioned approximately adhd, in many instances however the entire dr’s say it is too early to scan. Meanwhile, I have elimated all sugar. At residence we do extra contructive matters in combination, extra studying books, extra speakme approximately tuition and extra sporting activities, using motorcycles, gambling with toys and many others. They are simply younger and feature lively imaginations and lively our bodies. Maybe he is simply too wise and he is not being challenged sufficient so he has to discover anything else to fill that void.