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does anybody have any ideas on how to make treehouse made of recycled materials. it’s for my preschooler.?

it’s a preschool project so it’s small scale. i just have no idea of where to start. i’m not very creative but if i could at least one idea i could run with it. thanx.

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Paper and/or cardboard.

Get one large piece of paper. Depending on how many children you are in charge of they could either work together or one at at a time. Set a timer so they know when there turn is up.

You could put a picture of a tree in front of them. Get a real simple looking tree, like from a coloring book.

Maybe you could pencil in the shape of the tree the night before. They could then follow the lines that you penciled in.

Don’t forget enough limbs for the tree.

Next step they can draw apples and color them to paste on the tree limbs. They can put their own names on the apples.

If old enough they can cut out the colored apples to put on the tree. Remember, leave some room for the “tree house.”

Tree house can be made (colored & pasted) the next day. That gives you time to pencil in the shape of the tree house at home and bring back to school. Could cut the door so it opens and closes. Don’t forget window. They don’t have to open and close. Let the coloring begin. Maybe a few of the apples could be falling off the tree if the project is going to be put up on the bulletin board.

You and the children could make green grass at the bottom of the tree. Could use scissors for blades of grass.

If you can figure out an easier way, go for it. Maybe the children could all fit in the tree house to take there naps.

Snack time could include apple cider and apple for lunch.

Have fun with your project whatever it is.


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When I was teaching we did all sorts of things with appliance boxes. A furniture store in town saved them for us. One year for a project I put the kids in groups of four. So we had five different projects. They could use as many boxes as they wanted. One group built a space ship, that they could play in. One built a cottage. Put fake flowers in the flower boxes they made from card board. Took material to hang curtains for the windows. Another group made a fort. They used large appliance boxes. For trees they glued together empty paper towel things. To make big trees. Then they used stick from outside and made leaves out of green construction paper. One group made a ship. They even made a treasure chest and made fake coins and covered them in tin foil. I am not sure if you want this project inside or outside. These were inside projects. It was a lot of fun. You can do so much with large appliance boxes.

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It is so easy… use the used woods.. to the floor of the tree.. and put some decorations on it.. ^__^ for the curtains- use a rolled papers.

for the flower pots- you can use some soda cans / beer cans

for the wall you can use paints.. and paint the walls with some fancy and lively colors


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you can use the cereal boxes and cut them out to look like a tree house.

or you can use newspapers and make a paper mache of a tree house